Our mission

Our mission is to protect people and property against nuisance and microbes through services ,  consultancy (HACCP) and Cleaning product.
AHC is a specialized company and a leader in the fight against pests:

  • Our nationwide network covers all Belgium and Luxembourg for more than 25 years.
  • We guarantee a prompt and professional service 
  • Our service is done though our own methods and products in the greatest respect for the ecological aspects (IPM Pest Management integred).
  • We are available 24H/24/H and 7/7.

Research and development

Since years AHC developed ecological and durable practices, AHC set up the ecological Program “Be Green“.

Our research relates to:

  • New methods of ecological eradications and products: without chemicals, via sex hormones, no-poison, Thermical, Repellant, Ultra sonic…
  • Platforms of communication with our customers; Web (Intranet, extranet) ; SMS ; GPRS,…
  • Implementation of the HACCP, IFS, BRC via effective methods and documents .
  • New services and produced: Pest Mapping Control
  • Testing of new methods and products : Cleaning of hood via enzymatic action, avoiding the birds via Korean method….

Our references

Due to professional confidentiality we cannot communicate our references but we will answer all requests individually.


  • Restaurants, Hotels
  • Banks & Finance; Insurances
  • Automotive, Telecom, IT, Pharma
  • Industry: Food and non-Food ; Retail
  • Public Help, Administration, Schools, Health Care, Hospitals ….
  • Facility Management
  • Security Department, Embassies,….
  • Offices